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About Retoken

Why to choose Retoken?

Retoken are cryptotokens, the maximum number of which is limited to one billion; they are created in the Binance Smart Chain. The most important difference between this token and other cryptocurrency tokens available on the market is its close con...

  • Formation of a transparent mechanism for referral bonuses
  • Providing a simple and understandable service model
  • Providing highly reliable and mobile solutions
  • Generating Growing Value for Token Holders

To be a global platform by 2025, known in more than 10 countries and working with more than 1,000 manufacturing and service companies.

Benefits of using Retoken

Reliable and safe

Building a project based on a chain of smart contracts in the Case gives it reliability and security.

Instant exchange

Development based on a mobile application and direct connection to the exchange makes it possible to exchange Retokens for the currencies of the respective countries directly from the application itself.

Global reach

Thanks to the digital solutions of the project, it can be applied in any country of the world. In the near future, the existing coverage area and communications will spread to neighboring countries, and then to the whole world.

Linking to a real business

Retoken is a tool that uses an innovative mechanism to solve the issue of sales in real business. Thanks to him, systems are being formed that link the digital world to real business.

Extensive reach and partnership

Being a global team, the creators of the project can also boast of extensive coverage. The associated opportunities are actively used in the dissemination of the project.

Innovative and transparent approach

From the first day of the project, a transparent approach has been applied, in which Rutoken's are sent directly to consumers' blockchain wallets. This approach will be maintained throughout the project.


October 2021

Creation of tokens in the Binanсе smart contract chain

Domain registration

Social media pages development


November 2021

Landing page development

The start of Private token sale

January 2022

Retoken project webpage development

Promo video and other marketing resources

Finalization of initial wallet and console designs

February 2022

The start of the official registration of Retoken company

The finalization of Web page and Whitepaper

Meetings, online and offline events for boosting the token sale

March 2022

Telegram and Twitter community development

Social and PR activities on digital platforms

Meetings, online and offline evets for boosting the token sale.

April 2022

The start of IDO

The start of wallet and console programming

May 2022

Listing Retoken on one more global exchange platform

Meetings, online and offline evets for boosting the token sale

June-August 2022

Summer camps, events for boosting the token sales

Testing and finalizing the console and wallets

Test implementations and integrations


September 2022

Producer console and wallet draft versions testing

The official announcement of Retoken console and wallet

The start of integration in the Partner companies

Listing one of the top ten centralized exchanges

October - December 2022

Integration into global markets (3 countries minimum)

Attracting more partners globally

Start the stacking offer

Our Team

Sanan Hasanov


Hafiz Mustafa


Elmar Mammadov

UX/UI designer

Osman Valiyev


Our Advisors

Turan Ozbahceci

Entrepreneur and partner

Samir İbadov

OMP Group Founder

Leyla Baghirzade

Blockchain expert

Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains frequently asked questions about Retoken. To post your questions in this section, send them to our social media pages.

Retoken is a digital referral bonus system created on the basis of the Binance smart contract chain. It allows manufacturers to increase sales, motivate their customers.

Manufacturers and service providers can now use Retoken to stimulate the promotion of their products and services among customers and potential suppliers.

Retokens are a limited resource. During the entire project, no more than one billion Retokens will be released in the world. Accordingly, the more people in the world will use them, the greater the demand will be. This, in turn, will contribute to increasing their cost.

Currently, Retoken's can be purchased on decentralized exchanges and on this site (for registered users). In the near future, Retoken-s will be offered on other exchanges, as well as provided by manufacturers as gifts.

It is planned to enter Centralized exchanges as soon as the Retoken wallet will be ready. It will be to the end of 2022 year.

This project will operate all over the world. Production and service companies in any country of the world can establish cooperation with Retoken.

Retoken product is owned by  International Retoken Rewards GmBH registered in  Zug, Sweden

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