About Retoken

Why to choose Retoken?

Retoken are cryptotokens, the maximum number of which is limited to one billion; they are created in the Binance Smart Chain. The most important difference between this token and other cryptocurrency tokens available on the market is its close connection with real business. Retoken is a global project; the basis of this project is the possibility of obtaining benefits for all parties involved in its implementation, namely:

Producers of goods and services

The creation of new product distribution channels is an important issue for any manufacturer. Retoken is an excellent motivational model, as it attracts sellers and consumers working in the market to promote your products and services.

Consumers and sellers

Consumers are usually inclined to share information about products and services that deserve their satisfaction. Retoken makes it possible to bring an additional element of motivation to this process. The biggest advantage is that as the cost increases, consumers receive a valuable asset that brings additional profit.

The Retoken team

By providing manufacturers with a marketing tool and consumers with a valuable motivation tool, our team creates a world-class long-term project.


By accepting Retokens in their cash registers, supermarkets get the opportunity to attract potential buyers by acting as a motivational intermediary between product manufacturers and customers.

  • Formation of a transparent mechanism for referral bonuses
  • Providing a simple and understandable service model
  • Providing highly reliable and mobile solutions
  • Generating Growing Value for Token Holders

To be a global platform by 2025, known in more than 10 countries and working with more than 1,000 manufacturing and service companies.

Benefits of using Retoken

Reliable and safe

Building a project based on a chain of smart contracts in the Case gives it reliability and security.

Instant exchange

Development based on a mobile application and direct connection to the exchange makes it possible to exchange Retokens for the currencies of the respective countries directly from the application itself.

Global reach

Thanks to the digital solutions of the project, it can be applied in any country of the world. In the near future, the existing coverage area and communications will spread to neighboring countries, and then to the whole world.

Linking to a real business

Retoken is a tool that uses an innovative mechanism to solve the issue of sales in real business. Thanks to him, systems are being formed that link the digital world to real business.

Extensive reach and partnership

Being a global team, the creators of the project can also boast of extensive coverage. The associated opportunities are actively used in the dissemination of the project.

Innovative and transparent approach

From the first day of the project, a transparent approach has been applied, in which Rutoken's are sent directly to consumers' blockchain wallets. This approach will be maintained throughout the project.

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