A list of the work done and planned in the direction of the implementation of the Retoken project can be found below, in the graphic description of the roadmap. Dear members of our team are actively working on the timely implementation of each direction.

October 2021

Creation of tokens in the Binanсе smart contract chain

Domain registration

Social media pages development


November 2021

Landing page development

The start of Private token sale

January 2022

Retoken project webpage development

Promo video and other marketing resources

Finalization of initial wallet and console designs

February 2022

The start of the official registration of Retoken company

The finalization of Web page and Whitepaper

Meetings, online and offline events for boosting the token sale

March 2022

Telegram and Twitter community development

Social and PR activities on digital platforms

Meetings, online and offline evets for boosting the token sale.

April 2022

The start of IDO

The start of wallet and console programming

May 2022

Listing Retoken on one more global exchange platform

Meetings, online and offline evets for boosting the token sale

June-August 2022

Summer camps, events for boosting the token sales

Testing and finalizing the console and wallets

Test implementations and integrations


September 2022

Producer console and wallet draft versions testing

The official announcement of Retoken console and wallet

The start of integration in the Partner companies

Listing one of the top ten centralized exchanges

October - December 2022

Integration into global markets (3 countries minimum)

Attracting more partners globally

Start the stacking offer